My Trip Begins

The new blog is up. And I’m only 10 days away from the beginning of my international travels. I’ve been dreaming for this day for years, and it’s finally upon me!

I’ve spent the last few weeks traveling along the west coast, and having a blast. It started with seeing some family, some great days at the beach, and then my first ozone treatment.

The ozone was interesting. Getting a needle put in my neck, and then 50 cc’s pumped into my blood. Brought on quite the bout of coughing, but definitely noticed the difference right away.

Splash Cafe Clam ChowderSplash City LineThen it was 1100 miles up the coast on my motorcycle. Had an amazing bowl of clam chowder at Splash Cafe, which by the way is award winning for good reason. The line out front looks like the line for Pinks Hot Dogs in Hollywood.

Spent the night in Novato at the my first Couchsurfing host, which was a blast and I made a fantastic friend whom I share a LOT in common with. Then it was up at 8 and back on the road in impenetrable fog and 33° temperatures. Warmed up a bit (upper 30’s), but dropped down into the 20’s when I entered the Shasta National Forest. As I entered Shasta City, the snow began to fall. Heavily. The next 60 miles where rather miserable, riding with one had and using the other to constantly wipe the snow off my visor. The snow stopped as I entered Oregon, but the respite was short-lived. After Ashland was 120 miles of rain (barely above freezing). But I made it. Pulled in to my destination at 9 PM at night. Three days later my finger tips stopped tingling.

While in the Northwest, I’ve used the opportunity to visit some landmarks and meet some incredible friends. Hiking Multnomah Falls was beautiful, and I found out that I got lucky, as the trail to the top of the falls is sometimes closed for years at a time after being washed out.

I have now finished purchasing my travel gear, and have used the last few days to do finish the last of my affairs in the US. I’ve also been working on my Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) on-line accreditation course, which I will definitely be using on my travels.

Shut Up and Eat Italian GrinderLeanne and IBut the highlight of my stay up here so far was my lunch a couple days ago. Went to a cafe called Shut Up and Eat. The food was utterly fantastic, and I had the pleasure of meeting the most fantastic friend. She is about to become an international traveler herself, having retired from the military. She has the same carefree lifestyle that I have and admire so much. And she’s gorgeous.

So now I’m waiting for my flight to London. I already have couchsurfing hosts lined up for London, Bristol, Wales and Scotland. From there, I have no idea where I’ll go.

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