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I feel obligated to write this post for all the small businesses out there. Already in my travels, I’ve found the desire to support the small businesses in each town I visit as much as I can.

Today, I went to get help fixing a part on my motorcycle. I found a place in NW Portland that was a veritable hole in the wall. I actually missed it the first time I passed by it and had to ask an establishment a block away where he was. But I found it, and what a find!

The guy has been in business forever. Dr. Brown knows his stuff. Just looking at my bike, he was able to point out some things that needed to be repaired or adjusted. Not for his fee, but for my safety. He gave me great instruction on how to repair what I originally came to him for, and helped to ensure I was fixing the right part of the bike.

This isn’t a story about repairing my bike. It’s a story about going to a place in town that has been in business forever, despite all the “Big Businesses” trying to take him out. Another establishment even opened up a block away to sell motorcycle parts. Why compete? Here’s a guy who has been fixing motorcycles for who knows how long, making his living doing what he likes. Per reviews I saw on-line and another customer I talked to while there, his prices are dirt cheap. He’s more than willing to help (which is something I am completely unable to say about any of the other “big businesses” I had checked previously closer to where I was staying). What more could you ask for.

When I see places like Walmart (which seems to target small communities), I avoid them like the plague. I plan to primarily the small towns in my travels, and I will definitely make it a point to visit support the small businesses in those towns. Those small businesses aren’t there to get rich. They’re there to help. So why not help them back and support them? Even if they are more expensive than the megacorp down the street that can import all its knock-off products for a tenth of the price and make a fortune, it’s worth it.

Not a long post, and I’m probably not the expert on small businesses, but I felt it was worth the rant.

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