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March, 2015

  • 2 March

    Brussels, Belgium

    Brussels, Belgium

    Brussels, the seat of the European Union. A very diverse city. Frankly, no easy way to describe it. First of all, there is a difference between the region of Brussels and the City of Brussels. Just as Los Angeles is usually confused between the city and the county, so too is Brussels confused. The City of Brussels by itself is …

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February, 2015

  • 23 February

    A Weekend in Middelburg, Netherlands

    Middelburg, Netherlands

    I finally made it into the Netherlands, the birthplace of my Opa (grandfather). With a population of around 50,000 (compared to 800,000 in Amsterdam) Middelburg is a small, picturesque Dutch town where “everyone knows everyone” as they told me several times. But being small only enhanced the wonderful experience. To encapsulate the idea that “everyone knows everyone” there, I stayed with …

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  • 19 February

    A Guide to Belgian Chocolate

    Belgium Chocolate Shop

    Many countries have their signature food. Japan has sushi. Thailand has Pad Thai. Iceland has hotdogs (believe it or not). And Belgium has waffles, beer, frites (fries) and CHOCOLATE! Without question, the Belgian chocolate is the best in the world. Usually I like to write a blog on my experiences within a certain city or country. But today I need to talk about …

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  • 17 February

    My First Workaway Experience in Brussels, Belgium

    Burssels Main Square at Night During My FIrst Workaway

    A couple weeks ago, a friend in London introduced me to Workaway. Why didn’t I find this amazing site earlier? I’ve already arrived at my first Workaway project. Workaway is a website which lists over 12,000 hosts around the world who are offering places to stay in exchange for volunteering. What type of help? Every type imaginable. Anything from training …

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  • 16 February

    Bristol Again

    Bristol Bridge of Mist

    Brycgstow, “the place at the bridge.” I ended up in Bristol for a couple days after Wales as an interim stop before Brussels. I am so glad I made it back. Just a couple weeks ago, Bristol became the European Green Capital. This week they started several attractions to commemorate the occasion. Between that, taking a fabulous free walking tour …

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  • 13 February


    Host in Welsh Countryside

    Wales is a land of stunning beauty. It hardly compares to England, which has been largely industrialized. Even the colleges in Wales, especially Prifysgol Bangor (Bangor University) is a marvelous work of art. Aberystwyth is a charming community on the western waterfront, and I felt like a kid again running through the ruins of the castle on the beach. While I have …

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  • 13 February

    Travelers are Awesome

    Portland Couch Surfing Event

    Travelers are the best. I hate to sound biased, but I think travelers are some of the best people in the world. Travelers are caring, adventurous, sociable, fun-loving, warm-hearted, trusting, neat, helpful and courageous. And they have the best stories to tell. Maybe not every traveler as a generality, but every one I’ve met so far in my own travels. …

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  • 10 February

    Exploring the Roman Baths in…Bath, England

    Bath Abbey

    The next stop on my journey after Brighton was Bath. As I was unable to find a host in Bath itself, I spent four nights with two different hosts in Bristol, 12 miles away from Bath, and was able to spend a full day in Bath itself. I’m glad I stayed in Bristol, as that is a great city to …

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  • 9 February

    You CAN Travel

    You CAN Travel

    I think it should be mandatory that every citizen on Earth must travel out of their country for at least a month every year. Everyone wants to travel. People are not meant to be stuck in the same city or location forever. And it is a fundamental human right to have freedom of movement. From what I’m finding in my …

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  • 5 February

    How I Accidentally Arrived in Brighton, My Favorite City in England

    Brighton Royal Pavilion

    Wow. I accidentally arrived in Brighton. Perhaps you could just imagined me giggling and purring for the next fifteen minutes as a substitute for this blog post. Here’s the fun story anyway. I suppose I should give a word of warning about Brighton for travelers. Once you arrive, you won’t want to leave. Maybe this is what all European cities are …

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  • 4 February



    I think that validation might be the most important thing in the world. As Lance Miller said in his 2005 award-winning Toastmaster speech, “Do you know what’s wrong with the world? Do you know what’s wrong with me? Do you know what’s wrong with you? Who cares?!! The question is what’s right with the world? What is right with me? …

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  • 2 February

    London: My Arrival in the World’s Most Visited City

    The Shard and London Bridge

    Wow. Where to begin? Started my journey visiting one of the greatest cities in the world. I have so much to say about London. I mentioned my arrival and the first day through the city in my last post. Here’s the rest. I got up bright and early on Friday morning and took the bus back to central London from Golders …

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January, 2015

  • 30 January

    My Travels Begin by Flying Across the Pond

    Selfie with Big Ben

    What an amazing day. Or two days. Just over 24 hours ago, I was saying goodbye to my friends in Portland. And now I’m sitting in a flat in London writing this blog. Here are the details. Before I left Portland, I had one last meal at Shut Up and Eat. Got the Italian Grinder again, which you can read all …

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  • 26 January

    A Night in Sellwood

    A cold, misty night. Steam rising off a cup of Caramel Créme Brulee tea. A late-night stroll with a beautiful girl. Jumping too far off a swing. Getting stuck on a dew covered slide in an empty park. Park lamps cast a lambent glow on a riverside path. The fog-shrouded bridge across the river looks like a space ship. Sitting on a dock taking …

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  • 23 January

    7 Places to Find Good Food in Portland

    Saburo Sushi Dinner

    The food in Portland is probably one of the main factors why I think the city is the best in the USA. Maybe it’s because the tap water here is delicious itself, so food cooked in it tastes better. Maybe it’s because Portland is full of bohemian hippies (not really, but a little). Whatever the reason, I had some of …

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