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January, 2015

  • 21 January

    Words From the Skye: Why I Support Small Businesses When I Travel

    Dr. Brown's Motorcycle Repair

    This was my second post I wrote when I first started traveling. I felt obligated to write it for all the small businesses out there. At the beginning of my travels, I had the desire to support the small businesses in each town I visited as much as I can, and I’ve continued that endeavor to this day. Using “The …

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  • 18 January

    Journal Entry: Getting Ready for My Endless Journey Around the World

    Beginning My Endless Journey

    The new blog is up, and I’m only 10 days away from the beginning of my endless journey around the world. I’ve been dreaming for this day for years, and it’s finally upon me! I’ve spent the last few weeks traveling along the west coast and having a blast. It started with seeing some family, spending great days at the …

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