Epic Thunderstorm in Krakow

Waking up at six in a school-converted-hostel, after sleeping on a mattress on the floor in a classroom.

Navigating the public transport across Prague, lugging a 30 kg backpack to make an 8 AM train to Ostrava.

Boarding a bus from Ostrava to Krakow, getting complimentary drinks and cookies for the ride.

Passing through a breathtaking countryside, filled with forests, fields and farms.

Rain begins to fall on the glass roof of the bus, finally pulling the temperature down from the 30s.

Flooded Krakow Underground

Entering a thunderstorm with continuous lightning, reminiscent of constant camera flashes at a red-carpet event.

Jagged forks of lighting striking the ground around the bus, thunder crashing overhead with ear-shattering roars.

Arriving at the bus station in torrential rains, getting drenched by the water moving sideways under the canopy.

Covering the backpack in the waterproof covering, then braving the rain to walk across town through flooded streets.

Walking into the hostel with a shit-eating grin, dropping off the bags and heading out for breakfast at 3 PM.

Is this a dream?

Is it a movie?


This is the life of a traveler.

Sunset over Krakow


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